Premium Item Policy

  • Premium items will not be reimbursed due to player error, including deleting characters with items, abusing a bug, giving account information, and other methods not discovered or mentioned. It is your responsibility to keep track of your items and not lose them.
  • Premium items will not be returned due to the compromising of an account, whether it be through scamming by another player, downloading a keylogger, unauthorized access to your account, or the banning of your account.
  • Premium items are subject to change at the discretion of the owner or the administrators at any time, with or without warning. By agreeing to these terms you accept that Sereon Services LLC is not required to reimburse you for the funds used to purchase the changed item.
  • If you issue a chargeback/dispute through PayPal or your payment is withdrawn after receiving your points, your account will be banned immediately. Other accounts you use or have used in the past may also be banned.
  • Sending money through the mail is not a guarantee of your purchase. If you do not receive points, Sereon Services LLC does not assume responsibility for your lost mail and does not have the obligation to award you points. Sending cash or currency is not recommended as cash is often stolen from the mail. Personal checks are not accepted, only money orders issued by USPS, MoneyGram, or Western Union are accepted. You should notify us if you send a payment. Minimum payment by mail is $25. Payments by mail reward at a rate of $1 = 100 Points.
  • We also accept some virtual currencies and cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin and non-currencies such precious metals (gold and silver). You must contact us to use these methods. We do not accept any gift card as payment, though some gift cards may be redeemed through one of our payment portals. Payments via precious metals reward at a rate of $1 = 100 Points.
  • When completing a sponsor offer that rewards points we do not have control over when you obtain the points. Please contact the portal's support (i.e. TrialPay) with any issues regarding that.
  • Due to any technical error, Sereon Services LLC is not obligated nor responsible for returning your funds. Once a payment has been processed through the website, it becomes the property of Sereon Services LLC.
  • Purchase of premium items or premium points does not entitle you to special privileges or special treatment of any kind. It also does not put you above the rules. Regardless of your purchase history, you will be treated as any other player. You are not granted immunity to any rule by making a purchase.
  • Premium items are only given a maximum of three days from its date of purchase for exchanges with the premium item exchanger NPC. This does not include items purchased with limited points.
  • No cash refunds are given for any items under any usual circumstances. In a limited set of circumstances, Sereon Services LLC may, at its sole discretion, issue a refund in points to the player's account.
  • When purchasing points and clicking the "I agree" button, you agree to the terms above.

GDPR Notice: We do not store personal customer information. Our purchase history only includes the date, email or account used to place the order (if using PayPal, etc), the amount, account name that was credited for the purchase, and order number/invoice number if applicable. We do not store your personal information such as name or address, however, the payment processor may store this information (on their servers) and make this information available to us via their online portal if you provided it to them. You may make purchases anonymously via mail using money orders or precious metals. We are strong believers in individual privacy and have been for over a decade. Though we are not governed by this European law (GDPR Compliance Notice) we fully support the efforts the GDPR is attempting to make. We were in compliance with most of the GDPR before it was even a thought.

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